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Sleigh the Holiday Game with Basic Invite

Unless you’re one of those grinches who waits until the day of Christmas to realize how awesome the holidays are… who doesn’t love sleighing the holiday game? It’s fun to soak up the season and show your spirit! Getting the cutest wrapping paper and ribbons, decorating the prettiest tree, hanging lights, and eating all things peppermint are just a few ways to sleigh the holiday game.

This year, creating epic custom holiday cards is also on that list because we have the ultimate online stationery company to assist. Basic Invite is a digital stationery design company with the best holiday cards and hundreds of completely customizable online Christmas cards and they have gifted us with some of their most helpful tips to creating the perfect Christmas card online.

What Are You Celebrating

You name it, Basic Invite’s got it. From holiday cards and Christmas cards, to Hanukkah and New Years whatever you are celebrating Basic Invite has a card for that which makes it easy to sleigh any occasion.

Choose Your Colors

Colors are a huge part of why Basic Invite is such a unique company and an equally huge part of sleighing the holiday game! Even as early as Halloween, color schemes find their way into almost everything because there is a color pattern for every holiday. So, if you want to be on top of your game decorating your cards with the right colors is step one.

For Thanksgiving and all of your other fall harvest celebrations, earthy tones like brown, green, and yellow are often used alongside red and orange. And when it comes to Christmas the options are endless! Goodbye are the days where red and green are the only two acceptable Christmas colors. Now, you can make any color work whether it’s blue, silver, gold, or even bright funky versions of the standard holiday colors. Thankfully Basic Invite has over 180 custom colors to choose from so no matter what you can pick the colors that work for you!

Don’t Forget Foil

Foil is essential when it comes to holiday greeting cards and Christmas cards. Basic Invite offers three foil colors: gold, silver, and rose gold. Each color comes in flat or raised foil and all of them will add an elegance and festive touch to your holiday cards.

Gold and rose gold are perfect for Thanksgiving invitations and silver and gold pair perfectly with every Christmas card design. Anyone who receives a foil card is going to instantly swoon and immediately ask you where you got it! Never forget the foil!

Envelopes & Address Printing

Pairing your cards with the perfect envelope is super important. The envelope is the first thing that people will see when they open their mail and it’s the detail that will bring your look together and create a cohesive and finished product. Classic white is always a solid choice, but choosing an envelope liner or a metallic lined envelope will take your look one step further. Colorful envelopes are another great idea because your card will be sure to stand out from the start! Choose from 40 different colored peel and seal envelopes and always opt for address printing.

Sleighing the holiday game is much easier than it may sound and kicking things off with a holiday card is the perfect way to get into the spirit for the rest of the season! Head over to Basic Invite and customize yours today! Shop from hundreds of designs and use coupon code HOLI30 for 30% off your 2017 holiday cards.

Can We Get Halloween Back, Please?

Many of us can remember when we were kids, how special Halloween could be. There was something truly special about getting dressed up in the best costume possible, going out there and trick or treating until you had so much candy it was hard to carry, and trudging back home exhausted but with a huge smile all over your face.

As adults with kids of our own now, we can’t help but noticing that just like Christmas, Halloween has been over-commercialized almost to the point of killing it completely. It’s time to fight back. Here are some tips for breathing life into Halloween 2017:


Get the mentality right now; costumes are for the adults too! Get your own costume, and get everybody else around you into the spirit of dressing up in costumes as well. Don’t be afraid to wear sexy halloween costumes if going to parties for adults, it’s one day of the year you can truly let your hair down; take advantage of it!

If You’re Hosting:

One area where people really can take up the level of their halloween decorations is by adding some spooky audio. A few well-placed devices with fully charged batteries can add an extra dimension to your Halloween ambiance that will have the whole neighborhood talking about it right through the New Year, and into the year to come!


This one is a long-standing tradition that has been gathering dust. Whether you have a group of kids, a group of adults, or a mixed group, just sitting around and trading scary stories is an incredible way to get in the proper Halloween spirit, and imagine, it doesn’t cost a red cent! Bonus points if you go to the internet and try to find the scariest stories you can to take the storytelling up another notch.

House Parties:

In this author’s humble opinion, Halloween shouldn’t be a bar night any more than Christmas should. Consider organizing house parties for after the kiddies are sleeping off their sugar highs. This will really allow you to go deep with the decorations and plan activities that are much better done in a home setting, for example, the storytelling mentioned above.

Let’s hope that this year, your Halloween can be the best one you’ve experienced in years, maybe due to ideas in this article, or even other ideas that inspire you. At any rate, may your Halloween be full of chills and thrills and still tranquil!

Relieve your stress with online bingo

One confronts with various stressful events everyday. Stress can arise anytime from jobs, family, relationship problems, finances or anything. While a little stress is good for you, prolonged stress can be harmful for both you mind and body. It can not just cause various health issues but also disturb the lives of others surrounding you. To deal with it, other than keeping a positive attitude, one must also take measures to relieve stress because in a long term, it is very much needed. This being said, online bingo is one such tool that can help you reduce stress in the most upbeat way.

Bingo is not just a game that one plays for money. Its more than just that! Bingo is played across the globe, primarily as a form of entertainment and socializing. Back in the 50s where online bingo was just considered to be a myth, bingo halls were a place where people would gather to have a good time. It was their escape from the everyday chaos and chores, a form of relaxation therapy.

In the 21st century, a lot has changed yet a lot of good things remain the same. Online bingo has emerged and with changing times, people have adapted this new form of gaming. Not just the young ones, but online bingo has not even spared the oldies. You can witness 100s of new players joining the online gaming team everyday. The trend is too good to resist and the best game ever to relive stress.

Also, according to researches, bingo is proved to build cognitive abilities and help improve memory which is why it is used by doctors to help treat Alzheimer and other related health issues.

Online bingo sites like GameVillage have variety of bingo and other casino games to keep players engaged. Also, the online bingo no deposit offer lets players play some of the most popular games for free. They have various other awesome offers, you must definitely check out!

It has a great social community online. The forums and other chatting platforms like chat rooms, Facebook pages etc are the most engaging and keep the players going for good which ultimately helps to de-stress.

Bingo is a great way to escape from the daily problems and chaos and immerse in the world full of fun and entertainment. Even if it’s effective for just few minutes, it’s totally worth it!

The Joys of Working At Home, Or Not?

Maybe you’ve been a stay at home mommy but it’s getting too hard to balance the books, so you have to look for some extra income somehow. Or maybe you’re a working mommy, and you have been offered the chance to work from home, but are not sure if you should take it. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to both. Let’s analyze things a bit further and see what we can come up with in order for you to make an intelligent decision;


There is no question that the office has the advantage of being a space 100% dedicated to work and getting things done efficiently. Furniture at Work, for example, will almost always be superior, as will a lot of the equipment surrounding you. Having said that, often a properly set up home office can be more than good enough for all intents and purposes.

One clear disadvantage of going to the office is not the office itself but the commute to and from the office. This is especially a big deal if you live far enough away from where you work to make the commute a nightmare, which is an unfortunate reality for many of us.


This one would seem to go in favor of the formal office as well, but there are exceptions.

It’s true that the home is a hotbed of potential distractions from work life, but it’s also true that even in an office environment, distractions abound. Depending on your personality and that of your co-workers, you may really wind up being more productive in an environment where your co-workers are physically separated from you.

One hack that may sound ridiculous at first, but can actually work for some people, is to dress for work at the office even if you are working from home. This sometimes can put people in the right mindset to be efficient while working. Also, of course, your job may require conference calls which may in turn require a certain standard of personal appearance. Your milage may vary greatly on this points, and they certainly could use your own detailed analysis of the situation.


Some companies are nice enough to just allow you to work from home and offer the exact same contract. In these cases, it’s much more advisable to take them up on it, because the savings alone (in both money and time) are probably going to make it worthwhile.

However, in the real world, stay at home positions usually come with some pay cut or some other caveat that makes the waters quite a bit muddier.

In actuality, even more worrisome in many cases than simply getting paid less is the possibility of your employers taking advantage of the situation by trying to make you available 24/7. This is something to be avoided at all costs. A situation like this is guaranteed to turn your dream of working at home into a major nightmare quickly. Clear boundaries must be set as to your schedule.

So are you ready to take the plunge into working from home? Only you can decide at the end.