August 2019


Being a new mother is awesome; nobody can deny it. There is no feeling like it any way or anywhere else in the world. And as a new mom, you tend to want to sacrifice everything for baby, which is good and great and all, but you have to remember to take care of yourself too.

Many new mommies make that cardinal error of just living for and through their babies, and forgetting that they are still human beings too. And ultimately, the better you keep yourself, the more capable a mother you are going to be in the long run, in the grand scheme of things.

The first order of business for any new mother whatsoever should always be to get your support network set up. Obviously baby and you will be spending tons of time together, but it also can’t be 24/7. You need your own time, and it’s only natural that baby gets exposed to your own inner circle of people you trust right from the beginning, too.

How do you spend that time? Keep up with physical exercise, I’d say that’s an absolute number one priority. Visit friends with and also without baby in tow. Shop. Take walks. Eat out. And keep up your appearance; it’s a habit that there is no need to drop for any reason.

Let baby grow up proud of his or her momma still looking like a goddess no matter what. Keep dressing for beauty; it may feel counter-intuitive at first but in the end it will make you feel more positive about yourself and your life, and will give others an absolutely spectacular impression of you.

The other aspect is your mind. The better you take care of your alertness, the easier it is to keep up your appearance. A new trend are smart drugs. A new mom could think about what it would mean to buy modafinil and the benefits to the brain.

Don’t be afraid to lay down the necessary money on taking care of yourselves. For example, don’t start wearing trailer-trash makeup because you think you need to save money; save it some other way. Use good stuff. This line from Osmosis Skin Care for example, will keep you looking as fresh as you ever have before for years to come.

The bottom line is, if your child sees you staying strong and fighting to be the best version of yourself, he or she will invariably imitate you by doing the same. This is the most valuable lesson a child can ever learn from his mother. Children learn first and foremost through imitation. This is why when you are serious about yourself, you should never feel like you’re being selfish. Remember you are setting an example here.

Here’s the scoop on ALT. Alanine transaminase, or ALT, plays an important role in the body, so it is important to maintain safe levels of ALT. If your ALT levels are elevated, then you and your medical professional might look into some potentially serious health issues. Check out the following to learn more and understand why you need to know about your ALT.

The basics of ALT

ALT is an enzyme found mostly in the liver, but it can also be found in your plasma and other bodily tissue. Elevated ALT may suggest a variety of health issues, like hepatitis, liver damage, mononucleosis, diabetes, heart failure, and more.

There are instances where unusual ALT levels may not necessarily point to disease. Medications or choline deficiency may cause elevated ALT, and exercise can affect ALT levels as well. If you have elevated levels of ALT, it might call for further testing of other enzymes

Get your ALT tested

ALT testing is important for anyone concerned about their liver health and at risk for conditions associated with elevated ALT. If you have been diagnosed with an ALT related illness, then repeating the test can help you and your provider determine how well you are responding to treatment and if your illness is progressing.

Various tests may list the normal range for ALT levels differently. It is common for test results to be read according to gender since average levels in males and females vary. Since reference ranges vary by test, it is best to trust professionals administering and ordering such tests to determine the appropriate range for you.

Liver issues

Because ALT is primarily found in the liver, elevated ALT levels are a primary means of determining liver health problems. Liver damage can occur from things like lead poisoning, mononucleosis, hepatitis, narcotics, and alcohol abuse.

In the past ALT levels were used as the sole means to screen those donating blood to rule out the possibility of passing on hepatitis from donor to receiver. It has been reported that the American Red Cross used such tests historically, but they now screen donated blood more directly for hepatitis antibodies and antigens along with other routine infectious agents.

Medication use

Over-the-counter and prescription medications may be a cause of elevated ALT. Medications like aspirin, statins, and antibiotics can elevate your ALT levels. Patients at a higher risk of having elevated ALT levels are often are taking such medications in moderate or high doses for long periods.


People receiving chemotherapy treatments can be at risk of higher than usual levels. Make sure that you are screened prior to starting chemotherapy and monitor your levels throughout treatment. The medical professionals who administer your chemotherapy are often able to determine the best course of action when lab tests raise flags, which might mean adjusting your dose, changing other medications, and more.

Elevated ALT levels can be caused by a number of factors, which proves that many people should have their ALT levels checked. Whether you know you have an illness that requires monitoring of ALT levels or you have risk factors, like extended medication use or chemotherapy treatments, it makes sense to get yourself checked.

If you’re looking for a drink with a hint of class, nothing really beats a glass of wine.

Whether your choice of wine contains earthy tones or sports a fruity aroma, it is a bonafide way to bring a sense of elegance to your taste buds while also remaining free of requiring any pretentious and outrageous displays from your end.

No matter if you can afford a good bottle of Chateau Margaux with ease or can only spend a few dollars on a rosé such as La chapelle Gordonne, if you know how to pick your wines and how to pair reds with rich proteins and rosés with seafood, then you might not need to wish for a sommelier while choosing a bottle for your next social gathering – as that is where the enjoyment of consuming wine resides.

Just like nothing really beats a glass of wine, not many things can disrupt the feeling of bliss that one gets while being surrounded by their family or friends over a dinner table while discussing everyday matters over a good plate of food and an excellent bottle of wine.

Until someone lights a cigarette.

Here Comes the Sophistication Killer

Imagine yourself or a loved one bringing out their favorite brand of cigarette and lighting it with the air of sucking all the class, joy and relaxation from the table, which all goes into fueling that ghastly producer of smoke that everyone in the room would have to bear for the next few minutes.

As much as wine exudes class, cigarettes give off a show of annoyance like none other. A classic killer of sophistication, a cigarette cannot only make your presence in a room turned to sheer nuisance in mere seconds, but it can and will be working internally to be just as irritating to your inner, physical health as you consume it.

Needless to Say, Cigarettes are a Hazard to Your Health, and of Those Around You

You must have read this kind of information before, but let’s just go through it once more for the sake of nothing more than to advocate for your health.

According to the Health & Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), smoking remains the primary cause of premature death, topping other causes such as road accidents, drug overdose, and suicide. While this comparison might seem interesting by numbers, it remains logical when you put the fact into perspective that smoking is also the cause of 25% of cancer-related deaths, while contributing to instigating around 20% of all cancers – a statistic gathered by Cancer Research UK.

Smoking does not only pose a health hazard to the smoker but also to the people around them, which is not just a fuss thrown by everyone who doesn’t like the habit of smoking, but which is a fact as reported by the Royal College of Physicians, which gathers that over 300,000 pediatric consultations resulting in over 9,000 hospital admissions of children are caused by exposure to secondhand smoke.

If those facts were not enough to turn you away from picking up your next cigarette, then don’t worry, we understand why.

No, We Really Do Understand

We also fathom the surprise you might have felt at our expression of understanding. And even your disbelief remains comprehendible, because as much as everyone likes to press these facts into the face of a smoker, no one realizes that while smoking starts out as a choice, it turns into an addiction long before the affected individual knows it – and in a few months’ time, they are craving for their daily nicotine fix each time they try to quit smoking.

While there have been quite a few “As Seen on TV” products to quit smoking in addition to nicotine patches that you can get from the drug store, the advertised products do not really work and remain a gimmick and the nicotine patches still leave you craving the habit of holding the smoking cigarette between your fingers.

That is where vaping comes in.

How Vaping Can Help You Quit Smoking

Started as a “trend for the hipsters”, vaping has grown out of being the center of new-age jokes and has since established itself a credible industry with proven health benefits in terms of cigarette smokers getting rid of their unseemly habit.

What vapes don’t contain has a lot to do with why vaping is so much better. These are are the many thousands of toxic chemicals, including up to 70 or more carcinogens, given off by burning tobacco. And vaping devices don’t produce smoke but vapor — hence the name 🙂 (Also, nicotine is not known to be especially harmful to adults, and has been compared to the effects of caffeine in coffee — you can google that.) Add to this the fact that it’s very easy to slowly lower the dose of nicotine, and in fact the more you do so, the better the flavor the vape has.

“The available data suggest that they [e-cigarettes] are unlikely to exceed 5% of those associated with smoked tobacco products, and may well be substantially lower than this figure.” A summary of a recent study by the institution reads.

It also mentions that “among smokers, e-cigarette use is likely to lead to quit attempts that would not otherwise have happened, and in a proportion of these to successful cessation. In this way, e-cigarettes can act as a gateway from smoking.”

The Royal College of Physicians is not the only credible organization that propagates the use of e-cigarettes, since a Public Health England review states that “e-cigarettes could be contributing to at least 20,000 successful new quits per year and possibly many more.”

The review also mentions that “e-cigarette use is associated with improved quit success rates over the last year and an accelerated drop in smoking rates across the country.”

Therefore, if you want to show that you really do care not only about the acceptance in your social circle but also your health and of those who are around you, then you should seriously consider using e-cigarettes as a substitute to smoking.

Where to Buy e-Cigarettes

Since the adoption of e-cigarettes has turned vaping into an established industry, you do not have to go to obscure hole-in-the-wall stores, in shady areas to obtain these products, but they remain just as widely available as traditional smoking cigarettes.

Even more easily in some cases.

Several vape shop websites are now available all over the world that not only provide a variety of products and flavors for those who have been vaping for a while, but sometimes also offer great discounts on starter packs for those who are making a switch from traditional cigarettes.

Similar to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes also have established brand names. One such entity is Juul, which is known for creating and distributing one of a kind products which vaping aficionados swear by. The brand’s products are also available easily, and selecting a brand which is widely in circulation also helps you with the sense of consistency that you might like with the flavors of something that you are consuming regularly.

Given the health benefits of smoking versus vaping as well as the easy availability of products without causing that panic of guilt in your guts, making the decision on which segment to go with should not be that difficult.

Try It Once, and You Might Just Stick With It

Just like many several other good things in life, you might not know what the other side of the door holds for you until you decide to go through it to check the facts for yourself.

Since vaping does not propose any additional health risks to smokers, you or your loved one with a habit of smoking may safely go ahead into making the switch to e-cigarettes.

You do not have to quit smoking altogether either. What you can do is gradually taper the amount of cigarettes that you consume each day while turning more and more towards your e-cigarette when you feel the need to curb that habit of smoking, and in a few weeks’ time, you would find that your remaining pack of cigarettes has been resting untouched in your desk drawer or in your coat’s pocket since quite a good while without you even realizing it.

By making the choice to adopt vaping over smoking, you will not only be regarded with respect for taking care of the health of others around you, but at your next social gathering, you will not have to put down that glass of wine only to entertain an unsightly cigarette in your pocket (because in all seriousness, who in their right mind would choose cigarettes over wine?).

Pinball can trace its origins back over many generations, indeed hundreds of years and to the time of Louis XIV in France. The game has come in a variety of incarnations, and remains popular in some quarters even today.

Pinball enjoyed a number of peaks in its popularity. In addition, in the 20th and even into the 21st century, the game of pinball and pinball machines took some unusual twists and turns, many of which are largely unknown today. Indeed, there are eight unusual facts about pinball that are likely to surprise you.

Pinball was Illegal in Many U.S. Cities

Perhaps the most surprising fact many people do not realize about pinball is that the game was illegal in many major cities in the United States for a period of about 30 years. From the 1940s into the 1970s, pinball was outlawed in numerous Americans cities, including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Pinball was banned in these cities because it was regarded as a game of chance, rather than skill. In fact, until 1947, the flipper was not installed on pinball machines, leaving a great deal to chance.

New York Pinball Prohibition

New York Mayor Florio LaGuardia took a particularly harsh position when it came to pinball in his fair city. The Mayor went so far as to make confiscating illegal pinball machines the number one priority for the New York Police Department.

The Mayor ordered raids, quite like what was undertaken in regard to illegal alcohol and speakeasies. Thousands of pinball machines were confiscated by the New York police in this manner.

The mob was highly involved in bootlegging during the era of alcohol prohibition. It is also likely that organized crime figures involved themselves in illegal pinball operations as well.

Pinball Goes Underground

In a number of major U.S. cities, particularly New York, pinball went underground. Pinball machines ended up being tucked away in pornography shops, primarily in Harlem and Greenwich Village. The intense confiscation of pinball machines of the LaGuardia era did die down somewhat. However, the police in the Big Apple continued to conduct raids and confiscate pinball machines in the city into the 1970s.

Hollywood and Pinball

Because pinball was illegal for so long, its appearance in television, film, and on the stage, including in the 1970s, was used to demonstrate rebellion and youth. For example, The Fonz in the highly popular television sitcom Happy Days regularly can be seen playing pinball. The rock opera Tommy focused on pinball as a sign of rebellion and youth. Even the popular Fox television program The Simpsons has played on the theme of pinball as rebellion. A character in that show once remarked that television has ruined the minds of more young people than had pinball and syphilis combined.

Overturning the New York Pinball Ban

Pinball was finally legalized in New York City in 1976. The key to legalizing the game was convincing the City Council that it was a game of skill, and no chance. A young magazine editor, who was thought to be the best pinball player around, was brought to the City Council to play the game in front of them, as a means of demonstrating the element of skill. In the end, his efforts provided the catalyst that resulted in the City Council voting to legalize pinball. Other communities that had not yet legalized the game, did so in fairly short speed in the aftermath of the decision in New York City.

The Best Selling Pinball Game of All Time

There have been thousands of different derivations of the pinball machine. With that said, there is one pinball machine of game that ranks as the best selling one and has been in that position for decades. The Addams Family pinball game is the best selling, and has held the top position since 1991.

Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner was a Pinball Fanatic

Playboy founder, and longtime publisher, Hugh Hefner was considered a pinball fanatic. (One imagines he probably had the machines around his clubs even when they were classified as unlawful.) Hefner collected pinball machines. In addition, through the years, he worked with pinball manufacturers to produce Playboy themed machines and games, including some that featured his likeness.

Only One Pinball Manufacturer Exists Today

At this juncture in the 21st century, there is only pinball machine manufacturer. The company is called Stern Pinball, and it maintains a factory in Chicago. The company staffs a team of workers that assemble pinball machines manufactured by Stern, and do so mostly by hand.

Jessica Kane is a writer for The Pinball Company, the best online source for new, used, and refurbished pinball machines, arcade cabinets, and more!

Our pets are our family members. This is a simple reality. As a result of the close bond that we have with our pets, we oftentimes take our furry loved ones on vacation with us.

In the end, it really should go without saying that we want the easiest, safest, and most enjoyable course of travel for our beloved pets. This certainly includes a trip that will involve air travel.

Fortunately, in recent times, some airlines have been working pretty hard at better accommodating out furry family members when we travel. Some of these developments are worth noting.

Airports are Evolving

During the past five years, a number of major airports in the United States, and elsewhere around the world, have become more proactive and are taking more significant steps to better accommodate traveling cats, dogs, and pets. JFK Airport, serving New York City, is a prime example of what some airports have been to when it comes to better accommodating furry travelers.

JFK has constructed a special climate controlled terminal area specifically designed to accommodate pets. The section of the terminal as been appropriately called “The Ark.” This area is proving to provide a travel respite both for dogs, cats, and other furry travelers as well as their human compatriots. In many ways, there is noting as comfortable as being able to come together before or between flights with travelers in similar situations.

First Class is Changing

Research revealed that a significant number of passengers who typically fly first class have one complaint. Historically, many airlines didn’t permit furry companions to accompany their humans in the first class cabin.

An increasing number of airlines have begun to reexamine this policy. These airlines have come to a realization that the number of passengers who might dislike sharing a first class cabin with non-human travelers is significantly less than the number of first class travelers who dislike the fact that they have been unable to travel in the prime cabin if they bring their pets along.

Over the course of the past three years, some major airlines have been loosening the restrictions that they once had in place pertaining to pets in first class. The transition has resulted in more than airlines becoming more liberal in permitting pet in first class.

For example, an increasing number of airlines are not only opening their doors wider to pets in first class in the first place, but they are serving special treats for pets that do travel in the prime cabin. Some airlines are even providing pet-perfect blankets to permit furry fliers the ability to snuggle and nap in comfort when traveling.

Addressing Cheating the System

Most people that travel with pets do so on the up and up. In other words, most of us bring our pets along following the rules and regulations established by the airlines. These include paying whatever fee might be charged to bring a pet along in the cabin during a plane flight.

A digression for a moment is important. The safest (and most comfortable) way you can travel by air with your pet is by bringing your furry family member along with you in the cabin. Of course, there are limitations, primarily based on size and species, when it comes to a pet brought into an aircraft cabin. However, if your pet does meet the basic requirements permitting travel in the cabin, that should be the selected course to optimize safety and comfort for your pet, despite an associated fee. (There is also likely going to be a fee for stowing your pet in the cargo hold. It may be less. But, the price difference is nominal considering the benefits obtained by you and your pet traveling together.)

Unfortunately, there are a handful of air travelers who have abused the ability of people with emotional support animals to bring these furry companions on board a commercial airplane without paying an additional fee. These individuals have lied about their pets being emotional support animals in order to get a cheaper flight.

Airlines have cracked down on this cheating the system in recent months. In the end, travelers who lied about the status of their pets proved detrimental not only to individuals who legitimately do travel with emotional support animals as well as to other pet owners who abided by airline rules and regulations. In the end, changes made by airlines to better control the manner in which a claim of traveling with an emotional support animal is made will benefit all travelers.

Jessica Kane is a writer for Handicapped Pets, your most trusted source for dog wheelchairs and harnesses.

Mom’s are amazing. They are indeed the embodiment of what a superhero can be. Especially those mothers who work a job and can come home after working and can still take care of the kids and such and such. Bravo to those superwomen.

However, mothers aren’t robots or machines. The stress of work, home-life and social interactions with others can take a severe toll on the mental fortitude of any individuals. And it so for this reason that sometimes the need to chill and relax can be a great thing to recharge those batteries.

So here are a few things that our Supermom’s out there can do to recharge her batteries.

# 1 Traveling

Perhaps one of our favorite means of relaxing and enjoying life a bit more is to get away from it all simply. Being able to take a trip around the world to an exotic location and see something entirely new and fascinating is a great splendor to behold.

India is fascinating to go to especially if you are into yoga and meditation and the small little city of Darjeeling offers a significant number of things to see and do.

If you are looking to get away and find hotels in Darjeeling, then you will be in luck, because there are many websites online that will direct you to the most affordable yet also most satisfying hotels possible.

# 2 Yoga

Yoga is such an incredible form of meditation and helping to relax and calm the mind as well as relieve a great deal of stress. Yoga is also great for helping to keep one’s body flexible and fit.

Yoga has become wildly popular in the west now, and it has to do with the idea of how it helps to relieve so much stress. Being a working mom can be beautiful as it makes you feel accomplished but it is also a trying task, and we understand the toll it takes on your emotions as well.

# 3 Gardening

Gardening has also been another means to bring your stress levels down and to bring you more into the money. There is nothing quite like being able to focus on a task at hand and just not have to worry about the office drama or the kids fighting (although you may want to step in some time and stop that from escalating).

Gardening is tremendously beneficial for offering a bit of peace and tranquillity in our every day hectic and busy lives.

Supermoms Need Rest Too

Supermoms need rest too, and it is no shame to want to get away from the family once in a while. BUT…make sure when you do you – have someone to watch the kids and keep them from burning down the house while you are gone.