Many of us can remember when we were kids, how special Halloween could be. There was something truly special about getting dressed up in the best costume possible, going out there and trick or treating until you had so much candy it was hard to carry, and trudging back home exhausted but with a huge smile all over your face.

As adults with kids of our own now, we can’t help but noticing that just like Christmas, Halloween has been over-commercialized almost to the point of killing it completely. It’s time to fight back. Here are some tips for breathing life into Halloween 2017:


Get the mentality right now; costumes are for the adults too! Get your own costume, and get everybody else around you into the spirit of dressing up in costumes as well. Don’t be afraid to wear sexy halloween costumes if going to parties for adults, it’s one day of the year you can truly let your hair down; take advantage of it!

If You’re Hosting:

One area where people really can take up the level of their halloween decorations is by adding some spooky audio. A few well-placed devices with fully charged batteries can add an extra dimension to your Halloween ambiance that will have the whole neighborhood talking about it right through the New Year, and into the year to come!


This one is a long-standing tradition that has been gathering dust. Whether you have a group of kids, a group of adults, or a mixed group, just sitting around and trading scary stories is an incredible way to get in the proper Halloween spirit, and imagine, it doesn’t cost a red cent! Bonus points if you go to the internet and try to find the scariest stories you can to take the storytelling up another notch.

House Parties:

In this author’s humble opinion, Halloween shouldn’t be a bar night any more than Christmas should. Consider organizing house parties for after the kiddies are sleeping off their sugar highs. This will really allow you to go deep with the decorations and plan activities that are much better done in a home setting, for example, the storytelling mentioned above.

Let’s hope that this year, your Halloween can be the best one you’ve experienced in years, maybe due to ideas in this article, or even other ideas that inspire you. At any rate, may your Halloween be full of chills and thrills and still tranquil!


Cheryl Posner is the owner of Winey Mommy. Of course, she loves wine, her family, and writing about it all (in no certain order).

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