August 2019


Between running around frantically, picking up groceries, picking up kids from practice, making sure the family is happy, making sure you’re doing your job properly – the list goes on – between all of that and more, every mom needs a few distractions. Some moms like to head out dancing on the weekend, which can be lots of fun and excitement, and other moms just want a quiet corner of the house where they can throw on Entertainment Tonight and relax with a glass of Shiraz.

Somewhere in the middle of the two – somewhere between thrilling excitement and relaxation – is playing the lottery. Playing the lottery can be such an exciting, even therapeutic thing to do, because not only do you get a low-stakes opportunity to win a ton of money, but you also get to dream about what you would do if you hit the big jackpot, which is half of the fun. It’s this kind of whimsical daydreaming about what you and your family would do if, for instance, you won one of the Powerball jackpots worth hundreds of millions of dollars, that makes playing the lottery such a great little diversion.

All you have to do is go online and buy a lottery ticket. Powerball, the lottery mentioned above, is probably the best of the bunch, with huge payouts and lots of chances to win prizes; it has its own unique set of rules, but you can visit to learn more about how many numbers to pick, and how to choose a chance to multiply your winnings. Once you’ve bought your ticket, you have to devise a way to pick your lottery numbers, which can be super fun. One method that some moms use to choose their numbers is their kids’ (or husbands’) birthdays, taking the day, month and year and putting those numbers on their selection ticket.

From there, all you have to do is wait, and in the meantime, you get to dream about what you’d do if you won the big jackpot. Take Marie Holmes, a single mother of four who won $188 million playing Powerball and used the money to buy a new home for her family, a new home for her mother, secure her children’s future and give to charity. Or take Mavis Wanczyk, a mom from Chicopee, Massachusetts, who won a whopping $758 million and promptly quit her nursing job.

So, what would you do? You could take your family on a trip somewhere exotic, like Fiji, and go snorkeling in the emerald blue waters; or you could buy a dream house in Paris or New York; or you could buy a lifetime’s supply of wine! In fact, you could probably do all of those things! With the kind of jackpots offered by the Powerball lottery, you could set you and your family up for a lifetime of luxury and bliss. But, hey, just dreaming about it is half the fun, and at the end of the day, it’s exciting to buy a ticket and watch the numbers get chosen.

If you want to enjoy popular sports such as gymantics, you would have to visit the gym and pay a hefty amount of money for a few hours. Sometimes, you might not even get the best for your money. This means getting your own technology for sports at home. With airt track tumble mats, you can practice yoga, jumping, and gymantics without the risk of hurting yourself at the comfort of your own home.

The challenge is getting the best quality air track mat. There are many imitated and low-quality air track gymnastics in the market, making it hard and difficult to even know what to look for and where to buy one. If you’re looking to buy the best quality air track for your home gymnastics, consider the following:

  • Air track brand authority

The best brands introduce the best products to the marketplace. With many years of experience in the industry, they make sure every product they make is quality in all form and form to protect their reputation. The use the highest quality materials such as double wall fabric (DWF) and Plato PVC. Apart from that, they have strict quality control,  testing standards and a minimum o 2-year warranty services for each air track gymnastics. A great brand worth talking about is Wholesaleairtrack.

  • High-quality customer service

Customer service is king. Before you buy any air track, take your time to read the reviews about the product and what other customers are saying. You might want to use Google Reviews and social media to find out about the service rating of the manufacturer. What services are available? Are there online services? What about pre-sales and after-sales service for the air track? Find out before placing your order.

  •  Specification and functionality

There are various sizes and types of air track mats. Ask the supplier the various types available and their functionality. Generally, you can get P1, P2 and P3 air mats with heights such as  10 cm, 20 cm and 30 cm. Where do you want to place the air track? You can measure the height and widget of where you intend to use the air track and then select the right size.

  • Easy customer customization

As customers, we sometimes don’t like the one size fit all. We want something that will perfectly fit our unique needs and wants. That means checking with the supplier if they can get you a customized air track with your own size, design and probably logo on it. You might also want a protective bag to protect it when when moving from one location to another.

  • Free convenient, door to door delivery service

You might even get the best air track, but if the cost of delivering it to your home is high, it can be challenging. Look for an air track supplier with a quality product and free delivery service to make it affordable in buying the air track gymnastics for your home. You also want to check whether the supplier ships globally with an accompanying door to door delivery service.

Do you consider yourself somewhat of a wine enthusiast? Do you often have a number of different varieties and types on-hand, ready to pair them with whatever meal or activity you’ve got planned? If that’s the case then it’s also important to think about storage. While you may be vaguely aware of the fact that the way you store wine will affect how good it tastes, did you know that if it’s not stored correctly in the right conditions and temperature, you can actually ruin it?

For those who have started to invest in better quality wine with a higher price tag, it would be a real shame to think of it going to waste simply because it wasn’t stored properly. So with that in mind it’s well worth your time to look into how to properly store your wine.

Keep the Temperature and Humidity Regulated

When choosing a place to store your wine in your home you want to be sure the wine is in an area that doesn’t get below 7 degrees and above 21 degrees. Too hot, or too cold will ruin the flavour and nose of the wine. Usually white wine is stored a little cooler, but it you have white and red that you are keeping together then you can aim for the middle at 12-13 degrees.

You also want to pick an area that has humidity of around 70%, again not allowing it to go too far above or below this mark.

What Position Should the Wine Rest In?

There is often a question as to what position to store the wine in. This depends on whether the wine has a natural cork or not. For those wines that do have a natural cork you want to be sure it is stored flat. The cork must remain moist, so lying flat ensures this.

Light Conditions

Wine should always be stored somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of light, certainly not direct sunlight. It’s also a good idea to pick a spot that doesn’t get a lot of vibration. You want the wine to be able to rest and not be moved around.

When Home Storage Isn’t Enough

If you find that you’re quickly running out of space, or you have a large variety of wine that requires completely different storage conditions, then it may be time to look at storing it in one of the professional wine cellars at a place like Octavian Vaults. Octavian Vaults allow everyday wine enthusiasts and collectors the ability to have their wine stored in a professional facility that is located 100 feet below the hills of Wiltshire. What this means is that your investment will be protected and you won’t have to worry about any of your vintages spoiling and losing their value. This is ideal for those of you that love collecting.

Protect Your Investment and Take the Proper Steps

Taking the time to look into how to properly store your wine means you’ll be protecting your investment and making sure your collection retains its value, and can be enjoyed whenever you like.

First a warning–if you’re my mom, grandma, or just don’t want to read about body waxing? Click out of this post. Now.

Are you gone?

Just don’t want someone to think I’m talking about bikinis when I’m talking about waxing…haha!

Okay, so here’s the deal. I’ve had the Brazilian before and that was awful the first time. It did get less painful each time I went which was awesome. But now that I haven’t been on the waxing wagon for awhile I’m terrified yet again…

So being that Leo will be home in a few weeks and being pregnant makes it impossible to do a lot of things I’ve decided to start getting waxed. Again. Brazilian? No way. I don’t need to take care of everything you know?

Then there’s the regular bikini. But I wanted a little more so I upped it to the French bikini. I haven’t done it yet, but the appointment is set–there’s no going back now! I’m a little nervous…I’ve read it’s more painful when pregnant. I should have scheduled a facial and pedi the same day to relax after getting hair ripped out…

Have you had the French bikini done before? Thoughts? I’m just curious to your thoughts/opinions. And I can’t wait until Leo gets home–I’m thinking he’ll be pleasantly surprised.