In life, we hear and see many references to the game of poker. Certain expressions even influence the way non-poker players speak. Have you ever heard someone say that someone else is “bluffing” or use an expression like “I pay to see” or “I’ll put my best poker face”?

People often have no idea what they are referring to is one of the most popular card games of all time, poker.

For many, however, all they know is that poker is played with cards and chips. Maybe you are here because you want to go a little deeper with situs poker online.

So how is a poker game really and how is it played?

Poker Variations

There are many different versions of the poker game. Historically, the most popular variations are “draw” and “open games”.

If you have ever seen a poker hand in a pre-2000 movie, it is usually in one of two formats.

However, a new phenomenon has recently emerged. The game is “No-Limit Hold’em”. Most poker games quoted or shown in current media will be of the No-Limit Hold’em type.

Each game genre has slightly different rules, but the principle is the same: remove all chips from opponents.

The goal

The first thing we need to know when playing any new game is the goal. You may have noticed that poker players start the game with a certain amount of chips (small plastic discs representing a monetary value.) These chips are used to place bets, usually based on the strength of the cards in a player. player.

The idea is to win as many chips as possible from our opponents. There are two main game formats: cash games and tournaments.

At a “cash table” players can sit and play and come and go as they please. If a player runs out of chips, they may “buy back” and receive additional chips for a monetary amount (unless it is a game for fun). At the end of the game, players can usually exchange chips for the equivalent cash value.

In a ” tournament ” the game continues until only one player has all the chips. If a player runs out of chips he will not be able to buy back and will be out of the tournament. The goal is to be the last remaining player. Prizes are usually awarded based on the position in which a player ends the tournament.

Even if we don’t choose to play poker professionally, it can be a great way to relax and have fun with friends.

Good luck and see you at the tables!


Cheryl Posner is the owner of Winey Mommy. Of course, she loves wine, her family, and writing about it all (in no certain order).

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