Finding out your house’s value is vital to a lot of business.  If you’re trying to sell it, looking to get a home equity credit, or wanting to evaluate if your yearly property taxes are correct, you’ll need to know your home’s value.  Luckily, although there is a little guesswork with any method, it’s easier than ever to discover your home’s value.

Check Similar Houses In Your Area

This option is the easiest and least invasive way to find out.  Look around for homes that have recently sold in your area.  Although you can also check the cost of houses up for sale, since these haven’t sold yet, it can be hard to tell how good of a reference they are.

Consider the size of your home, what add-ons and perks it has, and what things you think may detract from the price.  It’s vital that you be honest with yourself and not expect your one-story, two-bedroom home to have the same value as a two-story four-bedroom.

Calculate It Online

The internet is any home seller’s best friend.  It has an array of tools from how to find a real estate agent, to a property value estimator.  This option works better if you’re not entirely sure on whether you want a realtor or not, and can help you see why your home’s value is what it is.  With this clarity, you may be able to make changes to improve that value or be pleasantly surprised by how high it already is.

Pay A Professional

A professional, who makes their living in appraising properties, is the one to trust above all.  They take your property, the market, and comparable properties, into account and come back with an estimate closest to what you’d make if you sold the property.  The only drawback is this is the only option on this list where you’d have to pay someone.  

A professional appraiser would give you the best results, the ones closest to reality, but the price of one is a drawback for many.

This option is best for people sure they want to sell their home and want to take the next step to do so.

Talk To A Realestate Agent

This option doesn’t come without strings.  Although most real estate agents will do comparable market analysis checks for you- they usually do these under the assumption that you will hire them to sell your home.  If you’re wanting a free analysis, and don’t mind disappointing someone if you don’t want to sell, this could be a viable option.  Unfortunately, because of the pressure to follow through and hire the realtor, many people avoid this option.

The main point in finding out your property’s value is to decide if you want to sell it.  Although there are countless other reasons to do it, that’s the lead one.  Finding out your home’s value can help you make changes to increase it, or choose to hold onto it longer until the market is in your favor.  Make the choice that’s right for you, but be sure to stay informed.


Cheryl Posner is the owner of Winey Mommy. Of course, she loves wine, her family, and writing about it all (in no certain order).

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