The present-day digital era has made using Microsoft Word a necessity in our day-to-day operations. In essence, people use MS Word to create documents, assemble essential to-do lists and manage tasks in real time settings.

Now imagine having a Microsoft word tool that will grant you the opportunity to create customized letters and is specifically meant for form letters and allows the letters you send to your team to be read as personal/individual mails or letters.

Well, it exists. Now, not only does it exist for MS Word but it is also present to enhance productivity within the Google Suite as well. Indeed, mail merge with sheets is certainly a game changer for many individuals and can be for you too. But before we get down deep into the weeds, let’s find out more about the basics of Mail merge.

What is Mail Merge?

Well, Mail merge is a document collaboration tool specifically meant for Microsoft Word and now for Google users. In essence, Mail Merge grants its users the opportunity to edit a segment of a word document or Google suite products with distinct data elements for use in group settings. For instance, an individual using Mail merge could create a document, say, an invitation letter then uses Mail merge to print it with a range of salutations that befit the targeted team members.

As such, the working mechanism used in Mail merge involves linking the targeted MS Word document to a database. In this case, the targeted database must contain the distinct elements highlighted in the Word document. The document could take the form of an invoice, a to-do-list, a letter or other files.

But remember that MS Word is not the only piece of business software that is out there on the market.

We also understand that the Google Suite offers quite a bit of opportunity as well. Google docs enable collaboration potential and the right tool for mail merge in this suite of cloud oriented services genuinely makes a difference. Individuals are certain to take advantage of Mail merge with sheets as well.

Like other document collaboration tools, Mail merge saves its users a lot of time and data entry efforts for its ability to automate the process of entering certain distinct pieces of data in an MS word document.

Why Mail Merge Matters

We operate in a fast-paced world in which automation has become the order of the day. Everyone wants an efficient tool that saves time and labor. Here’re the reasons why Mail Merge matters:

Very simple to use- Mail merge with sheets allows its users to create and customize template files with great ease. You needn’t have to go through the hustle of creating multiple documents. You only create a single document that will be mail merged to fit other scenarios in future.

You can make as many edits as you need- Mail merge with sheets and other productivity tools presents you with key editing capabilities like adding tables, graphics etc. with utmost ease. The customization feature makes the edits appear in the documents shared with other team members so, you won’t have to do it repetitively.

It promotes neatness and professionalism- Imagine using a tool that allows you to break down your data sources into smaller and manageable pieces of information as you make your entries look both neat and professional. Well, Mail merge is the way to go.