Like many people, you may enjoy entertaining. However, you may also be interested in planning gatherings that are a bit more informal, do not require a full meal, and yet feature classy, even elegant, tablescape. There are some solid design ideas you should consider employing to craft and create a stunning tablescape for a perfect wine, dessert, and cheese gathering.

Emphasize the Beautiful Bounty of Nature

In many ways, wine, cheese, and, in many ways even desserts, illustrate the bounty of nature. As a result, when it comes to designing an ideal tablescape, you should seriously consider emphasizing the nature’s bounty.

By way of example, you literally can use wine bottles of carafes, cheeses, and desserts as the focus of the tablescape itself. Oftentimes in creating a tablescape, the food is something to be inserted among the decorations. In the case of a tablescape for a wine, cheese, and dessert gathering, the items served become the focal point of the tablescape design itself.

The wine, cheese, and dessert served at the function can be augmented by other items that underscore the bounty of nature. For example, fruits can be added as adornment to the tablescape to carry forth the theme of nature’s abundance and to add a splash of color to the tablescape.

Large bowels can be added to the tablescape that contain fruits like apples, peaches, pears, and other items. Additional bowels can be included on the tablescape for placement of berries and grapes.

Include Mood Lighting in the Tablescape

The reality is that a wine, cheese, and dessert gathering becomes even a greater hit when lighting is included into the mix. A tablescape for a wine, cheese, and dessert function needs appropriate lighting to enhance its overall ambiance

The room where the tablescape is being placed is likely to have overhead lighting. For a wine, cheese, and dessert party, avoiding the use of overhead lighting if at all possible usually is a wise decisions. There are some exceptions to this suggestion. Nonetheless, in most instances, overhead lighting tends to the harshest type if lighting. A wine, cheese, and dessert gather tablescape calls from a softer lighting scheme.

Candles provide a perfect solution when it comes to illuminating a tablescape for a wine, cheese, and dessert gathering. Candles can be utilized in a number of highly effective ways with this type of tablescape.

Small tea light candles can be situated next to each place setting. A variety of candles of different sizes can be scattered around the table and tablescape to add suitable illumination and add to the lovely appearance of the setting.

Because you will be serving wine, you need to make certain that the lighting choices you make are suitable to properly illuminate the wine being served. When wine is a focus of an event, three elements associated with service come into play. Of course, these include smell and taste. However, the third element is the appearance of the wine itself.

Know How to Use Neutral Shades

As mentioned previously, using the wine, cheeses, and desserts as the true focus of a tablescape works beautifully for this type of function. As a result, in considering the foundation for the tablescape for this type of event, you are usually wise to consider neutral colors.

In developing the foundation for a tablescape for a wine, cheese, and dessert gathering, consider very basic table linens in white, ochre, or tan. Depending on the other design items you will be incorporating into the tablescape, different shades of gray may be suitable. Black may also work as well, in very specific instances.

Add a Splash of Color

Once you lay the neutral color foundation for your wine, cheese, and dessert party tablescape, you can add items here and there to the tablescape that will add a dash of vibrant color. Of course, as was noted a moment ago, the color of the wine will be part of the dashes of color on the tablescape. The desserts may also assist in this category. As was also noted, fruits can add a dash of color to the tablescape.

You can round out the addition of color splashes to the tablescape through the specific candles used for the setting. You may add a few other elements of color through place cards or even a floral arrangement included as part of the tablescape.

Creative Place Cards for Guests

You can round out a tablescape for a wine, cheese, and dessert function with the addition of creative place cards for guests. The sky’s the limit when it comes to place cards at this type of function. The focus needs to be on utility and how the place cards follow and even enhance the theme already selected for the tablescape.

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