How the months speed by when one is busy.

The school year is almost coming to an end. And family vacation time is also coming up. So you may be wondering what can you do to give the kids a great summer vacation.

There are few things that you can probably think of that would be very simple for you and less costly on your bank account. Camp!!

But camping, depending on where they go, can become stale and boring. And more importantly, it isn’t really a great gift for your kids if they have done an excellent job in school. So here is three places/ or destination we recommend that you take the family for the summer vacation.

# 1 Orlando, Florida

Does it really come as a shocker?

Orlando, Florida has terrific waters parks, amazing Florida sites to see, and most of all…need we really say it; DISNEY WORLD. If ever there were two words that could send your kids into a maelstrom of insanity of pure fun and excitement then it is DISNEY WORLD.

And heck, if your kudos did a fanatics job in school why no tread them with a trip to Disney World?

# 2 The Big Apple

Aside from what the media displays of New York, New York is indeed a great place to visit. Not only for the pop culture reason but because of the massive amount of culture that can be found there. As well as many live entertainments and place of interest for the family to see and explore.

# 3 California

Yes, we know looking for a place for just the kids to have some fun. And California is also a great place as it has, need we say it…DISNEYLAND.  With Marvel being such a hit and being own by Disney your kids can meet their favorite superheroes.

And personally how awesome would it be to meet Captain America or Black Panther?

Let This Summer Vacation Be A Vacation To Remember

The summer vacation is just around the corner and now, yes now, would be the best time to start thinking where to go. These are just a few examples of someplace you could visit, but there are so many more.

So do your research. Discover what is affordable for you and your budget and remember to give the kids a vacation they can enjoy and remember.  Family vacations should be memorable.


Cheryl Posner is the owner of Winey Mommy. Of course, she loves wine, her family, and writing about it all (in no certain order).

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