July 2019


Most homeowners understand the risk that comes with buying a house. Something that could work fine one day could break the next. A fully-functioning roof could crumble under the weight of a tree branch, or your washer and dryer could break as soon as you start a load of laundry. However, many breaks are preventable with the right maintenance. Check out the infographic below to learn about the three costliest home repairs and how you can avoid needing them.

The worst thing that can happen to your home is water damage. Flooding can ruin your hardwood floors and carpets and even force you to replace your furniture. Even small drops of water can build up, causing black mold that’s hard to get rid of and rotting wood to the point of replacement. In fact, mold elimination can cost almost $3,500, but it costs only $1,200 for preventative maintenance. Oftentimes, homeowners face a saga against water and constantly battle to keep it out of their homes. This graphic breaks down common causes of water damage and the costs required to fix it.

Along with water damage, most homeowners work to keep their HVAC systems running. They call specialist for repairs the minute something is wrong with the air conditioning in the summer or heat in the winter. Not only are these emergency calls expensive, but the cost of replacing your unit can cost more than $7,000. When you consider that expense, setting up regular maintenance checks doesn’t seem so bad. Homeownership doesn’t have to be expensive as long as you invest in preventative measures. Use this guide to learn how you can keep your home functioning well for years to come.

Not all loans need a credit check. In fact, many lenders provide no credit check loans in Canada.

Payday lenders provide loans without the need to assess your creditworthiness. This means that you can apply for the loan even you have a bad credit history, has an existing loan, or don’t even have a credit score yet.

What is a credit check?

Before a lender approves a loan, they usually do a credit check. Your credit history is recorded by major credit-reporting agencies, Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada. Lenders can get your credit history from them.

These agencies compute your credit score. To calculate your score, they need the amount of your debt, payment history, and the duration of using credit.

Although credit check is very important to establish your credit profile, payday loans don’t need it. You can get approved in the short-term loan without worrying about your credit score.

How to qualify for loans without a credit check?

Lenders in Canada can provide loans of up to $1, 500. It is called payday loans or unsecured loans because you don’t need collateral like a car, house, or pricey possession to get approved.

It is easy and fast to get this type of loan because it only takes some minutes to finish the application online. You only need a few requirements like your bank information, employment, and personal details.

Most lenders only ask for these proofs:

  • You must be a Canadian resident.
  • You are above 18 years of age.
  • Proof of employment.
  • Bank account information.

How long should you wait to get approved?

As mentioned, lenders provide quick cash. You can receive it within 24 to 48 hours.

They deposit the money into your bank account. In some cases, they can hand you the money or deposit in your prepaid card.

When you take the loan, you sign an agreement that summarizes the total of your loan that includes fees and charges and the date that you should pay. It’s important that you fully understand the agreement to avoid misunderstanding that can mess up your finances.

The cost of loans with no credit check

You may have heard that payday loans are an expensive type of loan. That is certainly true. It’s because the loan comes up with huge interest and fees that are higher than credit cards and other personal loans.

The annual percentage rate is 400 percent. For every $100, you pay between $15 and $30 for the charges and interest.

Paying your loan is not the only issue here. For every credit, you need to pay a $5 administration fee.

The high interest and fees make it more difficult for borrowers to return the total cost of the loan at the right time. Usually, they default or go on a rollover. In some cases, the loans can trap them into a debt cycle.

Consequences of not paying your loan on time:

When you don’t pay your loan at the right time, you’ll likely incur big interest and fees.

  • The lender can connect with your family, friends, and employer in an attempt to collect the money you owe them.
  • They will charge you big time for the money you owe.
  • Your bank may charge you an overdraft fee if your account reaches zero.
  • Your loan will earn interest and charges continuously.
  • The lender may sell the loan to a collection agency. When this happens, it can reflect in your credit report and affect your credit history.
  • The lender can file a legal case against you for not paying your financial obligations.
  • The lender can seize your properties.

Although no credit check lenders provide you quick cash to solve your financial woes, you should think twice before getting one. It is easy to acquire money but the hard part comes when you need to pay it.

You may consider other options before applying. There are other alternatives that don’t cost that much.

You can ask family and friends to lend you without interest.  Keep in mind that you must be careful when borrowing because it often ruins relationships when you are unable to pay on time.

You may also opt to ask your employer for a cash advance. It is safer than other options because you can even request them to deduct it to your paycheck on an installment basis.

In life, we hear and see many references to the game of poker. Certain expressions even influence the way non-poker players speak. Have you ever heard someone say that someone else is “bluffing” or use an expression like “I pay to see” or “I’ll put my best poker face”?

People often have no idea what they are referring to is one of the most popular card games of all time, poker.

For many, however, all they know is that poker is played with cards and chips. Maybe you are here because you want to go a little deeper with situs poker online.

So how is a poker game really and how is it played?

Poker Variations

There are many different versions of the poker game. Historically, the most popular variations are “draw” and “open games”.

If you have ever seen a poker hand in a pre-2000 movie, it is usually in one of two formats.

However, a new phenomenon has recently emerged. The game is “No-Limit Hold’em”. Most poker games quoted or shown in current media will be of the No-Limit Hold’em type.

Each game genre has slightly different rules, but the principle is the same: remove all chips from opponents.

The goal

The first thing we need to know when playing any new game is the goal. You may have noticed that poker players start the game with a certain amount of chips (small plastic discs representing a monetary value.) These chips are used to place bets, usually based on the strength of the cards in a player. player.

The idea is to win as many chips as possible from our opponents. There are two main game formats: cash games and tournaments.

At a “cash table” players can sit and play and come and go as they please. If a player runs out of chips, they may “buy back” and receive additional chips for a monetary amount (unless it is a game for fun). At the end of the game, players can usually exchange chips for the equivalent cash value.

In a ” tournament ” the game continues until only one player has all the chips. If a player runs out of chips he will not be able to buy back and will be out of the tournament. The goal is to be the last remaining player. Prizes are usually awarded based on the position in which a player ends the tournament.

Even if we don’t choose to play poker professionally, it can be a great way to relax and have fun with friends.

Good luck and see you at the tables!

Dental procedures

The relationship with your dentist may be the longest and the most fruitful relationship you will have with any of your doctors. From the earliest childhood to the oldest age, your dentist will take care of your dental health, hygiene, diseases that may occur and their prevention. The biggest part of dental practices is dental procedures. These procedures are made to enable their patients to live without any discomfort due to dental problems. Such problems can induce even severe pain and great discomfort but can easily be resolved by your dentist.

Types of dental procedures

Some of the most needed dental procedures are fillings, root canals, crowns, veneers, bridges, extractions, implant restoration, dentures – both full and partial ones, cleaning and deep cleaning, digital and panoramic X-rays, teeth whitening and many more. The best dental practices can offer all of these services with the assurance that they will be performed with the utmost care and responsibility. The relationship you develop with your dentist is based on mutual trust, confidence and discretion. The fact that you can do all the needed procedures in one place and by people you trust and have confidence in is not negligible. Dental practices such as Greenfield dental can be the right choice for your needs. Here are some of the most usual procedures that are done in dental practices

Dental fillings

Unfortunately, our teeth are prone to decay. One of the worst manifestations of dental decay is caries. Caries emerges when tooth enamel is damaged and bacteria that reside in the mouth breaks through to the centre of the tooth. The procedure that treats this condition is called dental filling. There are several materials that are used for dental fillings such as gold, silver amalgam, porcelain, tooth-coloured plastic, composite resin fillings and glass ionomer. All these fillings can be used to fill the cavity that was made by caries in your tooth. After getting out the decay and cleaning the cavity, your dentist will fill it with one of these fillings depending on your preferences, suitability for your particular problem and price. It is important to know that all these fillings will do the job of keeping your tooth functional for a long time. Fillings can also be used to repair small damages in the enamel thus preventing caries occurrence.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are needed when there is a need for tooth protection and reparation. They are designed to cover damaged or broken teeth and restore their functionality at fullest. Some of the conditions that are treated with positioning dental crowns include protection of tooth that is in danger of breaking or even caries, to renew a tooth that has already been broken or worn down, to cover up a large dental filling or dental implant, to hold a dental bridge on its place, for cosmetic purposes or to cover up discoloration of teeth and to give you more confidence so you can show your smile proudly. All these procedures are done by your dentist. A dentist will help you decide which the best procedure is for you by presenting to you all the possibilities,

Dental extraction

Sometimes, even with the best of care and all precaution taken a tooth must be extracted. This is the least favourite of all dental procedures, but necessary in some cases. These cases often include extraction of a damaged tooth that is under irreparable decay. Sometimes teeth have to be removed due to bad gum diseases such as paradentosis when even healthy teeth have to be extracted. When braces are needed, it may result in the extraction of a tooth that is on the way. Dental extractions are done under local anaesthetic and are painless but they do bring certain discomfort as mechanical part of the extraction is still there. However, dental extractions may be the only procedure that will help you restore your dental health.

Many dental procedures may be necessary to keep your dental area healthy. Some of them are linked to serious health issues and some are done for predominantly cosmetic reasons. No matter which procedure you need to have it is best it is performed by a dentist who you trust to the fullest. Visiting a dentist for regular check-ups can help you determine whether you trust your dentist as these procedures can be significant not only for your dental health but for your overall health as well.

Busy moms know that envious feeling when their friends post photos on Instagram from a recent vacation. This is especially the case if you’ve spent your most recent long weekend cleaning the house or catching up on mundane tasks you’ve fallen behind on. Since you’ve become a mom, do you even remember the last time you caught a break?

It’s challenging to make time for yourself when you’re responsible for the needs of so many; a beach side getaway (even regionally to one of Ontario’s Great Lakes) feels impossible to coordinate. If you’re going to maintain your top-level productivity however, some breathing room is necessary. When taking a trip isn’t an option, setting aside half an hour to turn off your phone, sit in the bubble bath, and sip a glass of wine in the evening can be enough to tide you over.

While it might not be quite the same as being on the beach, exploring a selection of wine from Lake Erie North Shore and Pelee Island will give you that touch of southern exposure you need to relax. Summer is Ontario’s longest growing season; it creates the optimal climate for producing full-bodied reds, as well as zesty, light-bodied, and dry whites.

Colio Estate Winery, one of Ontario’s first wineries had its humble beginnings in this region near the sunny shores of Lake Erie, their wine is crafted with the patience, determination and the spirit of their founders. For lovers of white wine, their Lake and River Series is an excellent way to escape from the repetitiveness and routine of your days and nights. Their Moonlight White for example (2015 vintage) has a bouquet of light floral scents like honeysuckle and tropical fruit, this combined with its light straw colour and exotic fruit flavours on the palate will have you feeling like you’re floating. If you prefer a white on the dryer side, consider Colio’svineyard select 2015 Chardonnay. If you enjoy a glass of rosé on a summer evening, their Girls Night Out (2015 vintage) is the perfect blend of Riesling, Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc. It has a bouquet of raspberry highlights with a taste of zippy sour cherry flavours delivered in a dryer style.

Now, you can also order your favourite wines from this region (and others!) from the comfort of your own home thanks to Wine Online, where selections can be delivered right to your door — a service that women who work hard should take advantage of. This supplier also makes a point of curating their selections, so you know you’re receiving quality wine every time, complete with a full profile from tasting notes, to expert third party reviews, to food pairing recommendations.

Not every busy lady is fortunate enough to have the time off she’d like, especially if she’s got little ones to care for, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have the next best thing – a glass of something crisp to enjoy after a long day.

Vitamin D has been in the news a lot recently, with the government recommending that everyone should receive at least 10μg/400iu of vitamin D per day, especially in autumn and winter — but just how essential is it?

As a fat-soluble nutrient, vitamin D is essential for human health, helping to maintain our immune system, bone health and muscle function. While it is found in food like fish, butter and eggs, in the UK, we actually only receive an average of 126iu of vitamin D per day from our diets — significantly less than the government recommendation.

Our main source of vitamin D is the sun. When sun hits our skin, our bodies are able to produce vitamin D using cholesterol and UVB light. However, some factors can interfere with this synthesis, including:

  • A lack of exposure to sunlight — naturally, as sunlight plays a key part in vitamin D production, levels drop when exposure is limited. This could be through seasonal changes, like in winter for example, living in darker places or regular use of sunscreen, which prevents the sun’s rays from hitting the skin.
  • Your age — the older you are, the less able you are to create vitamin D from sun exposure.
  • Skin pigmentation — if you have darker skin, you’ll need greater levels of sun exposure than those with lighter skin in order to produce the same level of vitamin D.

A combination of the above factors can lead to many people taking vitamin D supplements to effectively top-up their levels. But why are so many people focused on vitamin D — what benefits can it bring?

There have been a number of studies carried out to establish the specific advantages of vitamin D. A study by the British Medical Journal found that daily or weekly vitamin D supplementation can protect against respiratory chest infections — including those dreaded colds and flu! The vitamin can help you recover from these infections quicker too, but not if you supplement in one-off doses.

In addition, studies have shown that vitamin D has the potential to lower the risk of colorectal cancer with minimal risk. It also works to protect neurones and helps their maintenance, which has been found to have a positive effect on mental health. One trial found that vitamin D reduced the depressive symptoms associated with major depressive disorder (MDD), for example.

Clearly, vitamin D plays a hugely important role within the body. If you fear your current levels of vitamin D are insufficient or deficient, it’s worth considering using vitamin D supplements to boost your levels and improve your overall wellbeing.