Do you want to learn how to turn shatter to vape juice? In this post, we are going to look at the simple preparation of converting shatter to vape juice or e-juice even if you’re home.

A lot of users favor vapor than smoking. Vaporizing cannabis concentrate like shatter is a healthier choice for users. Smoking is harmful because of the chemicals that are directly ingested to your lungs.

Today, many users are ready to mix and prepare their own e-juice. First, let’s look at how e-liquids are different from other pre-filled vape cartridges.

There is no difference at all except that you are the one going to prepare your own e-juice. The e-juice or e-liquid is mixed with cannabis concentrate (shatter, wax, or honey oil) and other compounds. 

Preparing your own e-juice provides more customization, control, and convenience. You don’t have to spend a lot because it is cheaper when preparing your own. Converting concentrates is a more discreet way of consuming it without creating much fuzz. 

Benefits of Vape Juice:

Vape juice is a more convenient way to take cannabis using a vape pen. You can take it anywhere, anytime without having so much hassle. 

How to Start:

Before we go into the details, let’s ensure that your shatter has met the specified concentration or dosage. Make sure that you know its dosage. Most oil solvents should have a 60 to 90 percent THC content.

If you are a beginner, the starting dose for edible marijuana is only 5 to 10 percent. THC and dabs are only for those who are already using it. 

Easy Recipe for E-Juice:


  • Empty glass dropper bottles
  • Latex gloves
  • Syringes
  • Propylene glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable glycerin (VG)


Before combining flavoring, make sure that VG: PG is 50:50 or 80:20. This is a safe ratio when preparing your own cannabis extract.

E-Juice Infusion


  • 1 gram of hash oil (rosin, wax, or shatter) 
  • Bottle of an e-juice mix of PG and VG
  • 510 thread oil cartridges
  • Saucepan
  • Microwave/ stove
  • Stirrer
  • Syringe/ micropipette



  • Use a spoon to flatten your choice of wax, shatter or other hash oil in a ceramic box. Cover it with wax paper. 
  • Melt the cannabis concentrate. You can use a double boiler or a microwave to melt it.
  • Add drops of VG/PG mix and stir for a minute. Make sure that the concentrate and VG/PG are well blended. 
  • The consistency should be like honey. Let it cool. If the mixture is still thick, add more VG/PG mix to dilute it and achieve the right consistency. 
  • Get the THC-infused e-juice into the vaporizer or dab cartridges using a syringe. 

The infusion is done when you see that the liquid is viscous enough as well as the color remains as the shatter concentrate. When can transfer your infusion in an empty 510-thread cartridge or use your old cartridge. 

You’ll find that there is more e-juice left for a gram of shatter concentrate. Make sure to let the cannabis vape juice cool for an hour before consuming it. It ensures that it has achieved the right viscosity.

If you want the e-liquid to be stronger, you can lower down the amount of shatter. Reducing it makes the oil thicker but you’ll notice a stronger effect and the flavor of terpenes is more noticeable.

Keep in mind that the PG is what creates the “hit” in the vape and provides the flavor. VP does the work of vaporization. If you want your liquid to be less harsh, increase the amount of VG than the PG. 

There’s a lot of good reasons to prepare your own e-juice at home. If you’re concerned about the preparation, there is little to no smell at all. 

It can be done even in a small space like your kitchen. Vaping your own e-juice is a simpler, easier, and safe way to consume cannabis without much fuzz. 

Moreover, vaping provides you a discreet and portable way to consume cannabis concentrates. Try this recipe if you are interested in preparing your own e-liquid at home. 

You’ll be able to spend less than when buying a prepared one. You’ll also get more liquid that provides you the most savings.

In life, we hear and see many references to the game of poker. Certain expressions even influence the way non-poker players speak. Have you ever heard someone say that someone else is “bluffing” or use an expression like “I pay to see” or “I’ll put my best poker face”?

People often have no idea what they are referring to is one of the most popular card games of all time, poker.

For many, however, all they know is that poker is played with cards and chips. Maybe you are here because you want to go a little deeper with situs poker online.

So how is a poker game really and how is it played?

Poker Variations

There are many different versions of the poker game. Historically, the most popular variations are “draw” and “open games”.

If you have ever seen a poker hand in a pre-2000 movie, it is usually in one of two formats.

However, a new phenomenon has recently emerged. The game is “No-Limit Hold’em”. Most poker games quoted or shown in current media will be of the No-Limit Hold’em type.

Each game genre has slightly different rules, but the principle is the same: remove all chips from opponents.

The goal

The first thing we need to know when playing any new game is the goal. You may have noticed that poker players start the game with a certain amount of chips (small plastic discs representing a monetary value.) These chips are used to place bets, usually based on the strength of the cards in a player. player.

The idea is to win as many chips as possible from our opponents. There are two main game formats: cash games and tournaments.

At a “cash table” players can sit and play and come and go as they please. If a player runs out of chips, they may “buy back” and receive additional chips for a monetary amount (unless it is a game for fun). At the end of the game, players can usually exchange chips for the equivalent cash value.

In a ” tournament ” the game continues until only one player has all the chips. If a player runs out of chips he will not be able to buy back and will be out of the tournament. The goal is to be the last remaining player. Prizes are usually awarded based on the position in which a player ends the tournament.

Even if we don’t choose to play poker professionally, it can be a great way to relax and have fun with friends.

Good luck and see you at the tables!

The Scandal has been going over a month now. However, dozens of foreign media channels still keep buzzing about the case with the Bulgarian owner of the gambling company “Efbet” – Stefan Naydenov “Tsekata” and his sons Tsvetomir and Boyan Naydenovs. The three are mixed up in a series of illegal affairs, including unregulated online betting scenarios, money laundering, and tax evasions. The Scandal turns out to be so massive that it no longer fits the Bulgarian borders and spreads to countries such as Malta, the UK, Italy, Greece, Spain, and  Romania.  As it becomes clear, the Naydenov family has a license for offline gambling and operates on the local markets, where permitted with casinos.

Behind the façade of a “just another bookmaker,” there is a strikingly significant number of REAL schemes for FAKE bets and money laundering through offline and online gambling. The Naydenov family has been organising fake sports bets through its gaming platform for years. After several inspections by the State Agency for National Security (SANS) and Financial Institutions in Bulgaria, the Efbet owners are now being investigated by official services in five other countries – Italy, Greece, England, Spain, and Romania. And have recently lost their operation license in Malta, after investigations bt their National Revenue Agency.

The first operation against the crimes of the Naydenovs family and their business took place on the 4th of October when the Bulgarian special agents forced their way to the headquarters of Efbet in Sofia. The wave of media coverage after that flooded not only the Bulgarian websites but plenty of foreign ones as well. Days after the unexpected raid, Bulgarian journalists revealed a series of organised crimes and corruption schemes that Stefan Naydenov and his sons were part of. Newspapers such as  and linked the Naydenovs to tax evasions, issues concerning privacy policy like processing, and trading personal data of their customers with companies abroad.

According to English journalists writing for The Leader, the Efbet owners are not only guilty of tax evasions and money laundering, but they are also the main figures behind the organised hooliganism and many football scandals in their Bulgaria.  Including the most recent rasist one that hit the media across the UK during the qualifier between Bulgaria and England for the Euro 2020.

The gambling drama was reflected by Italian newspapers too soon after the owners got their Efbet Italian license and began operating there. In the, for instance, journalists cast light on the link between the Naydenovs and money laundering through online betting and match-fixing and further pointed out that the most prominent online gambling bosses in Bulgaria were under investigations by Bulgarian authorities. It is also indicated that similar investigations are currently being conducted by the Italian authorities, linking the Bulgarians to the Italian Mafia in Sicily and Milan.

The scandals were covered even in Greece. After Stefan, Boyan, and Tsvetomir Naydenovs became targets for investigation there, and a Greek online media published an outrageous video a few weeks ago that revealed illegally managed Efbet gaming halls in Athens. The gamblings are organized in secret chambers in the Greek capital, and only a few people know about it. From the video, it became clear that a new person can enter the premises only if a trusted old client recommended the newcomer to the owners in advance. According to reporters writing about the case, there were at least five secret illegal Efbet halls in Athens, as well as several in Volos, Thessaloniki, and Kavala.

After the brothers Tsvetomir and Boyan Naydenov were accused of being part of the Italian Mafia, local media channels also got involved with the Scandal. Some of the Italian websites reported that the father Stefan Naydenov was part of the communist secret services in Bulgaria, and his connection to the Italian Mafia is established long before the fall of the

Berlin wall. Back in those days, people in the Eastern block would do miracles to get their hands on foreign currency, and there is proof, they got plenty of it from the Italian Mafia in return for valuable information on grey figures. He operated under the pseudonym “Agent Nikolov” and was recruited by the State Security Officer Kr. Krastev in 1980.

Technology is changing the World. There are technologies of different designs and purposes today with each of them affecting virtually all our daily activities. Gambling has also been affected in recent times

Before now, gambling is mostly done offline and in physical contact. However, it is now possible to gamble at the comfort of one’s home using your smartphone, for instance. This has gone a long way in easing our lives.

One obvious fact is the drastic change observed in the online casino. Technology has so much brought people of different races together in casino with the goal of gambling. Despite the numerous pros, there are a few cons associated with the online game also.

The pros include the following

  • Cost-Effective

With technology, you can play online casino games without even having physical cash. In addition, you don’t really need a hefty amount of money in order to be involved in online games like Jackpot, Roulette, etc. In fact, you can even deposit a modest amount and yet enjoys the experience.

  • Ensures Privacy

Another advantage is the privacy they provide. Most of the online casino games are usually subjected to policies that they cannot and must not be breached. In case of a breach, you can sue the operator, most especially if you are playing in a regulated and licensed casino.

  • Accessibility to Different Online Casinos

Today, there are numerous mobile casino sites you can enjoy. The only way to tap into them, however, is using technology. Technology connects you to places you might not even reach in life. This, therefore, provides you with different options you can choose from.

  • Comfort

Online casino games can be played in any part of the World, including on your bed. You don’t have to move anywhere- all you need is an internet connection and your device. Also, you will have the privilege of playing at your preferred period.

  • Access To Bonuses

Offline gambling doesn’t expose one to the numerous bonuses experienced in online gambling. This is to draw in more online customers rather than physical gamblers. To access these bonuses, all you need is a few clicks.

  • Makes You Time Conscious

Time doesn’t wait for anyone. Playing online gambling has been known to eat away one’s time. This is because you will get carried away while playing it. To tackle this, most of the online casinos have come up with a feature called ‘Reality Check’. This will enable you to know the number of hours you have spent, thereby making you conscious.

Other advantages include security, playing with your friends, a higher return on investment (ROI), etc. One interesting fact is that as you become an expert in the game, more advantageous options open up.

Online gambling is more profitable as it doesn’t really require much of your investments like transportation fee, drinking fee, etc. However, it should not be given all accolades as it also possesses disadvantages of different kinds. Most of the disadvantages can, however, be managed as one becomes an expert in the game.